Thursday, December 29, 2011

Smoothie Greatness

After derailing with the rant I posted yesterday, I figured I ought to jump back on the positive train and show some simple, delicious and nutritious food that Jamie and I enjoy  !       The picture above is a smoothie I made for Jamie's breakfast this morning. I should have taken an "after" picture...the smoothie had turned a fabulously deep, rich purple. That mug the stuff is's actually a blender-mug.  A cap with a blade gets screwed onto the top , then I turn it upside down and attach it to the blender base and give a minute or so on high and ta-da !...a fanastic smoothie.   The flavors/variations are truly endless.   This one, from the bottom up is : almonds ( soaked in water overnight to soften ), vanilla soy yogurt, hemp oil ( about a tablespoon ) some ground flaxseed ( can't see it in this picture ), a banana ( this one's not frozen, but frozen chunks are really great ) and frozen blackberries.   No ice.   No need when your fruit is frozen.   I also added some oatmilk to thin it out enough to drink through a straw.   I'll post more on Smoothie Greatness in the coming weeks...such an easy way to start ( or finish ! ) the day.   The nifty blender is a Back to Basics model.   It comes with two blender mugs and two other blender containers and lids, and two blade bases.   The decently powerful motor makes it really useful for lots of small, quick  chopping/blending jobs in our kitchen.

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