Monday, February 18, 2008

Animal Agriculture's Big Bubble

Who knew that animal agriculture was so destructive to the planet we live on ? Not only is it a nightmare for the animals unlucky enough to be born into industrial scale factory farming, but we are also poisoning the very air every living thing on this planet breathes.
How long can we keep this up ?
What's it going to take ?
The latest and largest recall of meat, all 143 Million pounds of, it ought to at least get people's attention. And I hope gets people thinking about, and questioning the whole dairy business. Most of those 500 cows a day that were being "harvested" at that slaughterhouse were spent dairy cows. What does that mean ? What's a spent cow ? If not Mad Cow disease that brought the cow to it's knees and made it a "downer", then what did ? Perhaps the endless cycles of pregnancy, lactating while pregnant, giving up the yearly calf 24 hours after birth, producing gallons and gallons of milk everyday brought her to her knees a little prematurely before the usual 3 or 4 years cycles end at a slaughterhouse.