Thursday, December 16, 2010

Antibiotic Overload

As if raising and slaughtering billions and billions of animals a year just because we ( well, not all of us ! ) like the way they taste ,  poisoning the environment and ourselves along the way, weren't bad enough , we are also creating  'super bugs'  by overuse of antibiotics. Not breaking news really, but here's a post by Tom Philpott at Grist with some recent findings.   Grist can be annoyingly clever,  light on animal issues, and promoters of Happy Meat, but I follow them because they usually keep up with what's going on in the industrial meat industry, especially through Philpott's Meat Wagon articles.   I keep hoping Mr. Philpott will see the light ( in the animals' eyes ) connect the dots and go vegan, but he clings to the humane meat, dairy and egg myths as a way to lessen the impact and keep eating animals.   Sigh.

Friday, December 3, 2010

More Poultry Farms On The Delmarva Peninsula ?

More chicken "houses" closer to the processing plants if there werent too many already ??? 

See how Tom Philpott uses some of the vast information provided by new tool created by Food & Water Watch  right here.

I've driven through some of the  Delmarva Peninsula, and seen some of the surreally  massive processing plants where, every year, millions and millions of birds end their short pain-filled lives.   Hard to forget.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Tool To Explore

This website,, offers an incredible amount of information in easily digestible bites.  And while it does not advocate veganism ( far from it ) it ought to be an eye-opener for everyone.     The figures used are from a five-year survey done by the USDA.