Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How to Stay Positive and Move Forward ?

OK, so I havent posted anything in what, 5 months...and that post was just a notice that we've moved !   I should post more.   If nothing else it helps to ground me in this insane time of willful  ignorance of the steep costs of breeding and eating animals.   Costs to the environment, human health and, of course,  the price paid by the billions and billions of animals continually bred to die     This new article by Mark Bittman ( who, knowing what he knows, should have given up eating animals years ago, but that's another, sad, story) about the prevalence of troublesome, antibiotic-resistant  bacteria in meat, dairy and eggs reads like a futuristic look into the history of human stupidity and greed.
How to stay positive and move forward in the face of such concrete evidence that things are not going to improve, in any meaningful way, any time soon ?   I don't know.  One step at a time ?   One day at a time ?   I should be encouraged by the public's dawning awareness of animals' sentience and the medical community's assurance that a vegan diet is not only adequate, but extremely healthful.   And I am.  But damn, it requires such a hefty bitter dose of  willful fantasy to pretend that it's ever going to be enough, I feel it stick in the back of my throat at times.   Many times.   Meeting others involved in the work is very very helpful.  
Give up ?   Never.   Teaching others how to cook seemingly strange vegan ingredients feels like the most positive thing that I can do, at this point in my life.   I will never forget when I finally ( finally !  50 years old ! ) realized the whole story behind our obsession with cow's milk and the needless, endless generations of animal suffering it necessitates.  We are kept in the dark about the truth for a reason.   My hope is that I can help open a few more hearts and minds through offering a gentler way to live on this planet.   And the food...ah, the food is fantastic.  Here's some proof ...thousands of tasty recipes and reviews on one well organized site :
And here's to a New Year filled with positive advocacy for animals and bringing some reality to the table.


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