Thursday, December 16, 2010

Antibiotic Overload

As if raising and slaughtering billions and billions of animals a year just because we ( well, not all of us ! ) like the way they taste ,  poisoning the environment and ourselves along the way, weren't bad enough , we are also creating  'super bugs'  by overuse of antibiotics. Not breaking news really, but here's a post by Tom Philpott at Grist with some recent findings.   Grist can be annoyingly clever,  light on animal issues, and promoters of Happy Meat, but I follow them because they usually keep up with what's going on in the industrial meat industry, especially through Philpott's Meat Wagon articles.   I keep hoping Mr. Philpott will see the light ( in the animals' eyes ) connect the dots and go vegan, but he clings to the humane meat, dairy and egg myths as a way to lessen the impact and keep eating animals.   Sigh.

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