Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hobos and New Friends

My hubby of 32 years and I spent our anniversary weekend in Delaware.  Birding was the main attraction ( besides ourselves : > ) out at Bombay Hook National Wildlife Reserve for Saturday, but first we needed o find a restaurant for Friday night. I honestly figured we'd have the usual issues trying to find decent vegan dinner fare.   But a last minute look on the web brought up this wonderfully independent-minded , mostly vegan restaurant called Hobos in Rehoboth Beach.  And as it happens we were staying in a hotel not far from it.   AND, it also happened that they were celebrating World Vegan Day that evening with an all vegan buffe !  As soon as Jamie and I walked in the door we were very warmly greeted by Leslie and Patricia from the VegDelaware group, who insisted we sit with them and their group.  I'm so glad we did !   The instant bond that happens between people who advocate for animals was very much alive and well that night. They really made our evening special, and now we have friends in Delaware!  I want to meet with them on one of heir outings soon, it sounds like they have a lot of fun.  Patricia is promoting Meatless Mondays, the program developed by Johns Hopkins Hospital, that encourages people to explore going meatless one day a week as a way to reduce meat's impact on human health and the environment.   It's getting a lot of attention in the media and will hopefully lead to opening people's eyes and hearts to all the animals that suffer needlessly at our hands, as well as seeing how fantastic vegan food really is :)
  Gretchen Hanson is the genius behind the restaurant's  sustainable ethos and creative menu.   Make sure to check out her bio on the website, she's a very interesting, dynamic person on a mission !
Oh, and what's with the picture of lotions, shampoo and toothpaste ?  It's the loot we won at the raffle held at  Hobo's that Friday night...what a night !   And the birding the next day was really great.   Lots of ducks, geese, peeps and American Avocets stopping over to rest and feed while on their way South.   Then we had dinner again at Hobos...couldnt resist !   And thank you Patricia and Leslie for a perfect night.

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