Wednesday, September 29, 2010

BBQ Ribz for World Farm Animals Day


October 2nd is World Farm Animals Day.   A day to reflect on the lives of billions of animals bought into existence only to be slaughtered for our pleasure.   In our modern societies, with so many options, choosing a humane way to feed ourselves is not only the right thing to's getting easier and easier.  This recipe for Ribz is a great example...really easy to toss together, very tasty  and nutritious, AND does not include the unnecessary suffering of another being.   We love these ribz with coleslaw, lots of extra BBQ sauce and serve it up on big buns or rice.  Try this recipe for barbeque ribz, you'll love it and the pigs will love you !
                     A warning :   this is very very good...I recommend making a double recipe :)
                                                          SUSAN'S RIBZ WITH A Z

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