Friday, June 18, 2010

Off To Portland June 24 !

New Leaf Vegan Society is going to Portland ,Oregon !   Well, at least I, Dale Ball, will be going....!
I'll be attending the upcoming Let Live Conference from June 25-the 27th...check it out !   Looks to be mostly local folks as speakers, but Portland is now such a vegan mecca,  it's  natural that it should be there.  There will be speakers coming from the East coast as well....Jasmin Singer from Our Hen House, and Gary Loewenthal of  Compassion For Animals and the World Wide Vegan Bake Sale are flying out.   I myself am coming from Northern Virginia, and am looking forward to a few days of vegan immersion.  Can't wait to visit the Vegan Mini Mall and eat at some of the vegan restaurants in the area !
This year's  conference ( the 3rd ) is...." focusing on creative activism, expanding activist skills, and building relationships in the movement and beyond".   Sounds great.
Oh, what does the stink bug in the Coreopsis have to do with anything ?   Nothing  !   I just liked his ( or her...who can tell ??? )  position on the flower in my window sill.  I set it free outside a few minutes later.   We were "visited" by hundreds and hundreds of them over the last 8 months.   It is kind of hard to get too worked up about them.   the worst they do is sometimes go off and set up a stink, but they don't destroy anything or sting or bite.   Mostly they just die.   In the window sills, behind the plants, in the plants' pot, in the cabinets, under the bed.....

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